Exclusively for foreign residents


Exclusively for foreign residents

Nexus Global Card is a new style credit card "exclusively for foreign residents”who can apply for the credit card without opening a bank account by paying a deposit (guarantee deposit). With this credit card, your life in Japan will be enriched and more comfortable.

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  • merit1

    merit1Convenient cashless payment!

    The Internet shopping and payment in arrears are available. What’s more, only a fixed payment every month by registering for automatic revolving service.

  • merit2

    merit2Happier without overspending!

    No worry about overspending because the credit card limit is depended upon the deposit amount.

  • merit3

    merit3Secured with insured by the credit card company!

    Loss caused by fraudulent use due to a lost or stolen credit card is compensated up to a certain point by the credit card company.
    *Filing a report at the closest police is required.

  • merit4

    merit4Please feel free to check your credit card statements

    Online Statements are now supported, you can check your credit card statements online from you smartphone or computer.

  • Step1

    step1 Application
  • Step2

    step2 Screening Procedure
  • Step3

    step3 Payment of Security Deposit
  • Step4

    step4 Card issuance and receiving the card
  • Step5

    step5 Start using card


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